What is it anyway?

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Have you ever had someone committed to helping you succeed?  Has a person ever fully listened to you and helped you craft a plan of action to get UNSTUCK?

If you’re like most people – the answer is a resounding NO.

Life Coaching says YES.

Many people hear of the word “coaching” in the context of sports.  Want to improve your golf swing? Get ready for the Iron Man competition?  Chances are good you’ll look for a coach.

A Life Coach is a coach for, yes, your life.  A coach partners with the client and together, they map out a way to improve the client’s life.  The client’s agenda is the Prime Directive.   The coach’s job is to help lead in a powerful discovery process of how to make it happen.

Your agenda will be as unique as you. Maybe you want to be a better parent, launch a business and or figure out what to do after retirement.

Maybe you want to heal from fibromyalgia (like I did) or other chronic pain conditions.  (Yes, it is possible!)  Many chronic pain issues are rooted in deeper life issues.

Coaching is a powerful process of self-discovery that has been developed over many years and has a proven track record for success.  (This is also why I am pursuing credentialing with International Coaching Federation – the standards they have developed set the bar on coaching quality.)

But what do you DO?

First and foremost, the process involves deep listening, powerful questions and finally – action.

The most beautiful thing about the process, in my opinion, is that it awakens the genius within.  And yes, I am talking to YOU.   You will learn, through the coaching process, that you are more brilliant and resilient than you realize.  And you will be equipped to move forward into the life you always dreamed about.

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The Sessions

The sessions can be as flexible as you need.  Usually, they are an hour long on a weekly basis for three months.  That seems to be the sweet spot for gaining successes and implementing changes.

Some folks may just need a one-hour clarification session.  Other may desire an intensive block of time stretching to several hours over a weekend.

Whatever you need – YOU drive the agenda.

The Discovery Session

The Discovery Session (when we initially meet),  is an absolutely free consultation.  Let’s sit and chat and see if we’re a good fit for each other.  This is when we’ll go through the Coaching Agreement and arrange details.

The Disclaimer

You didn’t think I could finish this without some legal mumbo jumbo, did you?  You need not be disappointed – here ’tis:

Coaching is not psychotherapy, counseling, or intended to give advice, medical or otherwise.

(That wasn’t so bad, was it?)


Feel free to contact me here.  I offer sessions face-to-face in Prescott, AZ or if I’m in my old stompin’ grounds in Helena, MT, it can be there too.  I am available over phone, Skype or Facetime.