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What do you REALLY want?

Okay, you now know what you want. You’re ready to move through the coaching process and have everything figured out within a month. Clarity has arrived! You will be flinging open your shutters, emerging from the dark winter to feel the rays of springtime sunshine beaming down on your face. Singing birds will flutter about… Continue reading What do you REALLY want?

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Is “I hate school” training for “I hate my job?”

Do you know someone who hates their job?   You probably do.  I spoke with one over the weekend.  My young friend, a college graduate, hates her job.  At 25, she feels trapped and overwhelmed.  But yet she trudges off to her job to earn her very modest income because she has student loan debt.  Her… Continue reading Is “I hate school” training for “I hate my job?”

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Managing ADD/ADHD in the home

“You run our family like a business,” my son told me yesterday.  He gestured to the large white board we have mounted on the wall. It was a compliment to me but I know he wasn’t saying it with appreciation. But it’s part of effort to keep disorganization and Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) at bay… Continue reading Managing ADD/ADHD in the home

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Save money- Skip college!

Congratulations, America!  Credit card debt has now been exceeded by student loan debt. Certainly you know a college grad or two flipping burgers while trying to service their Whopper (har) of a student loan. (Average student loan debt is now over 30K, btw.)  Can someone spell “Indentured Servitude?”   Or how about the many who… Continue reading Save money- Skip college!