Zany Sage

What’s with this “Zany Sage” stuff?

Things have been busy in my world!  In about one month, I graduate from Yavapai College as well as complete the Advanced Coaching course work.  I am excited!  And because I’m not spinning enough plates, I have been working with a business coach who has been extraordinarily helpful to me in gaining clarity on how I want to move forward with my fledgling speaking/writing/coaching business.

Additionally, I am working on my book, “How to Get a New Life – without going into witness protection” and will have that ready for publication by the end of May.   So, yes.  Lots of happenings.

In preparation for all this stuff, my business coach had me do an exercise – ask several people to give me a few words they feel describes me. Several words came up repeatedly. Since “insane lunatic” might scare away polite company, we played around with a few other words that were given several times. Those words were “funny” and “wise.” I looked behind my shoulder to see who my coach was looking at when she mentioned that. Oh, you mean, ME, I said. We consulted the Font of all Word Wisdom, the thesaurus, and somehow in the midst of the word play, “Zany Sage” was born. (“Amusing funny girl” lacks any ring to it.)

We laughed, high-fived and immediately saw the potential for some serious fun with the branding. So there you have it.

By the way, my coach is also a crackerjack graphic artist and she is the one who crafted my new avatar.  Wadda think?


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