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The problem with “getting organized”

I’m doing market research for my coaching practice – talking to people and digging into organizing websites.

A good organizing website offers all sorts of solid tactics and strategies complete with to-do lists and what you will need to whip your life in order. I’ve written more than a few articles on the topic myself.

Here’s the deal. Set down your Sharpie. Put the accordion file aside. Goodwill is going to have to wait for that box of stretched out tee shirts.

It doesn’t work.

Like a self help addict reaching for the latest Improve Your Life book, the quest for organization is an elusive one.

We end up organizing stuff that simply needs to be parted with. Organizing can become a distraction treadmill that keeps you moving but accomplishes nothing.

Dealing with the root of the clutter is a key. Are you feeling guilty over a relationship? Are you having difficulty letting go of the past? Or how about this one – drawing boundaries with your kids so they come get the stuff spilling from their old bedroom.

Like so many things, dealing with the root will take care of the unwanted fruit.

I would love to hear from you, dear reader.  Are you dealing with a seemingly insurmountable clutter challenge?  Is a loved one’s clutter impacting your relationship?  How are you dealing with it?

Reply in the comments or feel free to shoot me an email.  I would love to hear your thoughts!




One thought on “The problem with “getting organized”

  1. Paragraph #6 is golden. I don’t have trouble parting with stuff, but my mother was forever buying boxes, baskets, etc., to “get organized.” When she moved from Phoenix to Prescott when my father retired, I helped pack up boxes of bread twist ties, marginine dishes, used, warped candle stubs, worthless knick knacks. She was going to organize it up here. Needless to say, 25 years later, an estate liquidator had to do what she was unable to do, and the adult children weren’t allowed to do. Let’s have coffee sometime, and I can tell you nightmare stories!

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