Life Uncluttered


My lapses in blogging have been intentional as I have been feverishly throwing out stuff, retooling and finding the answer to the “what is the meaning of life” question.

Okay.  I lied.  At least about the finding the answer to the meaning of life.  I have been retooling. And throwing out/recycling stuff is always an option in my world. I’ve also been a busy beaver at Yavapai College and am counting the days until graduation in May.  The education I’ve been getting there – particularly with the coaching classes, well, they’ve been life changing.

Other things I am up to…I start work with a fabulous business coach on Monday to help me gain traction and focus on what this Life Uncluttered is all about.  Yes, this coach needs a coach.  Anyone can benefit from coaching but it is especially beneficial to creative types like me.  I can spin off ideas and big plans only to throw them on the pile of broken dreams.  Well, that’s a little dramatic but you get the idea.

Minimalism, living intentionally, healing from chronic pain, encouraging young parents, speaking, writing, coaching…all these things fall under Life Uncluttered and ultimately, who I am.

In the weeks ahead, you’ll find things are shifting around here.  One big thing coming up on Monday is a new affiliate relationship with Jen Riday, an extraordinary coach and the founder of Happy Vibrant Women.  (You can hear her interviewing me by clicking on the link in the sidebar.)  She’s got some great programs that are coming up that are complementary to what I’ll be doing.

Thanks for hanging in there.  And btw – a hearty welcome to new followers.  I’m always surprised when I see new followers jumping on board – especially when I lag in posts.   I appreciate each and every one of you!



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