What are you doing now?

You’ve decided what you want. Great! The next question in the coaching process is this – What are you doing now to get what you want? Describe your current behavior. This question often brings a few chuckles. And the reply, ‘Uh, nothing.”

Bravo and standing o’s! I’m not being facetious. Being aware of doing nothing is a valid answer.

If you want to move the needle on obtaining your goal, something’s going to have to change. If you keep what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you have.

However, you may find that your original goal really isn’t what you want! The coaching process is far from a linear, sequential process. This question or really, ANY of the questions may throw you back into considering an earlier question.

An example. Suzie Q attends a Meghan Trainor concert and decides she wants to learn how to play the bass. It’s all about the bass, becomes her new ear worm, er, I mean manta. “I wish I could play!” she says. But up to this point in time, she has done nothing. And surprise! Her bass skills are at the same level as the day she was born. She has done nothing. Her goals have been baseless. (*Groan*)

She attends her first bass lesson and realizes her professionally manicured nails are too long to play. And she’ll get calluses on her fingertips.

Suzie Q has gained clarity with a little more information. She decides what she REALLY wants is more bass music in her life. (Back to the original – What do you want? question.) After brainstorming some options, she decides that the Bass Channel on Spotify satisfies this need.

But I jumped ahead a bit. If you seem to be spinning your wheels on progressing on your goals, it may be that what you’re doing (or not), indicates lack of clarity. Or – it may indicate it’s time to dig deeper to find what’s really behind your desires.


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